Your COMFORT zone will eventually make more problems COME FORTH. 

A comfort zone is a state in which you use limited set of behavior to avoid anxiety that also limits your performance.

It is a self-imposed boundary where you will refuse to accept new challenges.

The trap of comfort zone is not easy to break.

If you find yourself in this situation, this guide is for you.

Here are some tips to break out your comfort zone.

How To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

1. Gain knowledge

When you are filled with the fear of unknown, it restricts you from trying new things out.

You think about the worst scenario about new things and always try to keep yourself safe.

Knowledge helps a man to break the chain of fear. That’s the first thing you should find.

You should seek to get enough knowledge about what you want to pursue.

You should meet different people for different opinions, read the relevant articles and do research on the internet.

Having enough knowledge can eventually turn your fear zone into another comfort zone.

2. Find A Suitable Plan

Planning has indispensable role to make the goal achievable.

After getting knowledge of your “fear”, you need write the best plan to achieve it.

Here’s a plan that will work:

Start from the easiest challenges and complete them. That will help to boost your confidence.

Ultimately, you will push yourself one-step closer from which you can easily break the suppression of comfort zone.

3. Make Yourself Answerable

Instead of finding excuses to go back to your conform zone, take charge.

Make yourself responsible for every achievement or mistake you make.

This will also help to develop your sense of responsibility

And that’s exactly what you need to get the next work done and eventually get out of your comfort zone.

4. Accept Challenges

Challenges are there to make you better, accept them!

I can’t do this, I can’t do that, that’s why you’ve never done it.

Stop complaining, stop finding excuses – Just accept the challenge!

5. Seek Help

If you have spent too much time in your comfort zone, getting out may even be more difficult.

Seek help from a counselor, a friend or a teacher.

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