Today’s world is a fast-paced one, and events and developments are coming so rapidly that many can hardly reflect on their goals and purpose in life.

While the struggle for survival is indeed genuine, most people tend to get caught up in the endless rat race, which, often leaves them profoundly mired in a vicious cycle of materialism.

In retrospect, when you sit back and brood over what this life is all about, then there are some pertinent questions you need to ask yourself.

When you find honest answers to these questions, every other thing you want in life will follow:

1Am I Living The Life I Once Envisioned?

Apparent deviation from visions you once had in the past may induce a fear of failure and even cause you to ask this question.

Perhaps it is time to critically re-assess your goals and ideals and to re-evaluate some things that didn’t work for you in the past.

2Are There Things I Can Do To Help Those In Need Around Me?

You probably had it in mind to become a philanthropist when you become rich.

But, here’s the thing – You don’t need to be rich/wealthy before you can help the people around you.

Others way to help include:

  • Showing care by being available when they need you
  • Listening to their problem and comforting them
  • Teaching them

You can see 25 ways to help others here.

The above question is usually the product of you having a prevalent sense of altruism that is generally borne out of the need to help the poor and needy suffering from deprivation and who live close to you.

Undoubtedly, it only goes further to reaffirm what a wise man who lived some thousands of years ago said: “the poor will be with us always

3How Can I Make A Difference Today?

Your situation is probably so dire that you desperately yearn for a change. In this case, you should think things through before taking any action.

Emily Dickinson’s quote that “if you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves,” should serve as a guide here.

4Do I Motivate Those Around Me Enough?

This question might arise if you have doubt that you are not influencing those around you positively or not doing enough in that regards.

5Do I Get Easily Influenced By Those Around Me?

If you lack a great deal of self-confidence so much that you find yourself bending to the whims and caprices of those around you, then you’ll have to ask yourself this question.

6Am I open to new ideas and inclined to learn new things?

Someone once said that “the hardest battle you will ever fight is against yourself.

It means that once you are able to overcome your inner weaknesses as a person, then you can achieve anything you desire.

7Am I Still Being Haunted By My Past?

It is possible that you are carrying some negative feelings and energy from the past that is really hampering your physical and spiritual growth.

8What Is My Goal In Life?

If you happen to be going through a moment of epiphany, then you are likely to ask yourself this question. Because by then, it might have dawned on you that there is more to life and for you to question your role in it.


Always remember that you can only create a favorable atmosphere and condition that will allow you to ask deep questions regardless of your situation in life.

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