The minute you wake up, you have a fresh start.

Regardless of who you were the day preceding, or what occurred;

The minute you open your eyes, you have a fresh out of the box new start.

You have the full control and capacity to coordinate your life the manner in which you need it.

What makes your days more effective? That is what I am going to deal with in this article.

Keep in mind, these strategies work more than you can imagine, so take your time while going over them.

No time to beat around the bush, let’s get started right away!

How To Make Your Days More Productive Than Ever

1. Optimize Your Sleeping Patterns

When you lose sleep, it becomes harder to focus and pay attention the next day.

According to an article published on, it says;

Good sleep helps us to think clearly, remember information, and make decisions. When we don’t get enough quality sleep, it impairs our “executive function”—a set of abilities we need to do well in school, at work, and in all realms of daily life. 

Instead of sleeping late and less productive days, you can sleep early and have more productive days ahead.

Sleeping TOO much can also hinder your productivity.

In fact, this article on confirmed it.

Now, you might be wondering – “What’s the optimum sleep duration you need to be more productive?

how much sleep do you need
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A good sleep will give you faster reaction times, improved memory, better judgement and increased problem-solving skills.

What more do you need for more productive days?

2. Identify Where You Are Investing Your Time

Before you start trying to have productive days, you need to access yourself and know why you have not been having productive days before.

How to do that?

Look into what you spend you time on.

That is the MOST important step to have a productive days.

And here’s the the good news.

When you figure out how you spend your time, you are a step ahead.

Access yourself how much time are you draining on various activities.

Evaluate what you invest your energy in and how much is turning out an advantage for you.

Be loyal to yourself.

Assess how much time you spend day by day on the internet (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat e.t.c)

If you think you spend too much time on your phone, you are probably addicted to your smartphone already.

It’s a disease, but don’t worry, I have the medicine. See below:

3. Start Setting Your Daily Goals

Once you have discovered a how you spend your time, now is the right time to start setting goals.

Set long-term goals and spend more time setting short term goals that will help you achieve the big goals.

You should also divide your assets so they lineup with your long-haul objectives.

And when I say assets, your time is your first, best and most priceless asset.

Don’t waste too much time on things that won’t benefit you.

It is okay to catch breaks and have some times, know when to stop.

4. Evaluate Outcomes

Once every week, plunk down for 30 minutes assess the days you’ve had so far.

What was productive about them? Focus more on how to do more of it.

What did you get wrong? Find a way to get it right and do better.

5. Reward And Acknowledge Yourself

Few out of every odd moment of your life ought to be arranged out.

Compensate yourself with an apathetic couple of hours or day(s) break.

Trust me, when you come back from breaks that you really enjoy, the energy to do even more and earn another break will be very high.


There are many easily overlooked details that can determine how productive your day will be.

Having more productive days start from how you spend your bed time.

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